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The Clip Art Gallery

You can use clip art from Discovery School?s Clip Art Gallery in a variety of ways.

Puzzles — Use Puzzlemaker on the Web site to create a custom puzzle. Copy the puzzle to Microsoft Word and add clip art for a little fun!

Classroom handouts — Add life to your student handouts by incorporating clip art on special themes, subjects, or holidays.

Newsletters — Spruce up your school, PTA, or neighborhood newsletter.

School Web sites — Add images to your school Web site to help the pages come alive!

How to copy clip art to your hard drive
To save it to your hard drive, right click the image (if you're using a PC) or hold the CTRL key and click the image (on a Mac) for options.

How to incorporate clip art into Microsoft Word
After you have saved the image file to your hard drive, open Microsoft Word. Within Microsoft Word, click on "Insert" and select "Picture." Locate the saved clip art file on your hard drive. Clicking "Okay" will insert the picture into your document.

You can incorporate the clip art into other applications by pasting the image into the document from your temporary clip board.

For information on legal limitations, see Clip Art Gallery copyright information.