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  Word & Letter Play
Spaced-out Letters
Q Here is a set of letters that makes no sense:


The letters can become a familiar two-word phrase if you put a j at the beginning and add another j where a second word should start. The phrase you can make out of the letters above is jumbo jet.

Figure out how to make each of the sets of letters below into a two-word phrase in the same way. Add a letter at the beginning. Then add the same letter where a second word should begin.

  • otow
  • tudykills
  • astood
  • oubleate
  • oodrief

  • not now
  • study skills
  • fast food
  • double date
  • good grief

STRATEGY: Guess and check.

Source: p. 52 in Giant Book of Games, ed. by Will Shortz, New York: Times Books, 1991. Wording and examples all original.