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Names in the Family
Q The members of the Smith family call each other by nicknames. Mr. Smith is called Pop, Mrs. Smith is called Mom, Anna Smith is called Sis, and little Johnny Smith is called Bro. What characteristic do the nicknames for Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith, and Anna Smith have in common that is not shared by Johnny Smith's nickname?

Extra challenge:Once you've answered the question, think of real first names for Mr. and Mrs. Smith that have the same characteristic in common as their nicknames. (Hint: Anna's name already has that characteristic.)

A Mom, Dad, and Sis are palindromes ? words that read the same both forward and backward. Bro is not a palindrome. If you read it backwards, it's "orb."

Extra challenge answer:Mr. Smith could be named Bob; Mrs. Smith could be named Eve or Nan. All those names are palindromes.