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  Word & Letter Play
Lost in the Translation
Q Can you "translate" these groups of words? Each group stands for a familiar sentence or an expression. (You'll have to add your own capital letters and punctuation.)
  1. HEAD
  2. the weather
    I'm feeling
  3. TEN be there MINUTES
  4.        T       
    the      corner
  5. EVERY right THING
  6. IT FOR what's ME
  7. sit down ME
  8. DON'T
    STAY     your welcome
  9. HE   I don't like it   RE
  10. the sky

  1. Head over heels
  2. I'm feeling under the weather.
  3. Be there in ten minutes.
  4. The broom is standing in the corner.
  5. Right in the middle of everything
  6. What's in it for me?
  7. Sit down beside me.
  8. Don't overstay your welcome.
  9. I don't like it in here.
  10. The sky is overcast today.