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  Word & Letter Play
Likes and Dislikes
Q Does your name influence your preferences?

CASE 1:Rhea prefers a comb to a brush. She reads stories about knights but not stories about ladies. She tolerates gnats, but she can't stand bees. If you want to please Rhea, should you give her a bouquet or a plant?

CASE 2:Robin dislikes pizza but loves ices, can't stand pie but enjoys cake, listens to music but refuses to dance, and reads magazines but not books. If you want to please Robin, should you give him a bike or skates?

A CASE 1:Give Rhea a bouquet. She likes words (such as her name) that have silent letters.

CASE 2:Give Robin a bike. He likes words (such as his name) that alternate consonants and vowels.

Karen C. Richards,Mighty Mini Mind Bogglers,p.117