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Q A palindrome is a word (or phrase or sentence) that reads the same from left to right as it does from right to left. For example, a palindrome that means "trick or joke" is gag. For each of the definitions below, suggest a palindrome.
  1. Midday
  2. Title for a lady
  3. Tier
  4. Sound a chick makes
  5. Part of the human body
  6. Something that fails to work
  7. An entertainer's short-term job
  8. Short, quick, down-and-up motion
  9. Screwball
  10. Sound a horn makes

  1. noon
  2. madam
  3. level
  4. peep
  5. eye
  6. dud
  7. gig
  8. bob
  9. kook
  10. toot
FromThe Best of Brain Teasers.Westminster, CA: Teacher Created Materials, Inc., 1999.