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Animals in Hiding
Q There is an animal hiding in each sentence below. Can you find the animals? Example: There's a bee in "I'll be eleven next month." Hint: You'll have to look in three words to find some of the animals.
  1. We can go at six o'clock.
  2. It's nice to do good deeds.
  3. Take soap and a towel.
  4. Most rich people wear fancy clothes.
  5. You can keep the watch or sell it.
  6. Use a ladder.
  7. It will be a rainy day.
  8. I came late.
  9. Tell me if I should start now.
  10. Will a map help you?

  1. goat
  2. dog
  3. panda
  4. ostrich
  5. horse
  6. seal
  7. bear
  8. camel
  9. fish
  10. llama