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Flat Tire
Q Two friends were driving on the highway when they got a flat tire. First they took off the hubcap. Then they unscrewed the four lug nuts ? the screws that hold the tire in place. They put the inverted hubcap down on the road and carefully placed the lug nuts inside the hubcap. Then they removed the flat.

As they were in the process of putting on the spare tire, another car came along, hitting the hubcap and scattering the four lug nuts where they could not be found. The driver of the other car felt sorry, so he stopped to help. The two friends followed his advice, and in a little while they were back on the road again. What did the man tell them?

A The man told the two friends to take one lug nut off each of the other three tires and use them to hold the spare tire in place. (Later they could buy four more lug nuts so that each tire would have four again.)