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Dog Show
Q If there are 196 legs and 126 eyes at the dog show, how many people and how many dogs are present? (All the people and all the dogs at the show have the normal number of eyes and legs.)

A There are 28 people and 35 dogs.

First, since dogs and people both have 2 eyes, divide 126 by 2. There are 63 at the dog show. You know that dogs have two more legs than humans. There are 70 more legs than eyes. Half of 70 is 35. Subtract 63-35=28. So there could be 35 dogs and 28 people. (or 28 dogs and 35 people) To check if there are 35 dogs, multiply 4x35=140 then add 28x2=56 for the number of human legs. 140+56=196.

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