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A Pocket Full of Coins
Q Janice has $2.46 worth of coins in her pocket. The coins are of four different denominations, and she has the same number of each denomination. What are the four denominations, and how many of each does she have?

A Janice has six pennies, six nickels, six dimes, and six quarters. The easiest way to arrive at the answer is to notice immediately that, since the last number in the amount she has is 6, she must have either six pennies or one penny. She can't have just one penny, because then she would have only one each of three other denominations, and that can't add up to $2.46. So she must have six of each denomination. She can't have six silver dollars, because then she'd have more than $2.46. And half-dollars are no longer in circulation.

Source:Barnes and Noble, Mensa Presents Mind Games for Kids,p.14