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Q There are 2 boxes, each box holding 4 mustard packets and 4 ketchup packets. Without looking, you draw 1 packet from each box. What are the chances that at least 1 of the packets you draw is mustard?

A There are 4 possibilities of what you might draw out of the 2 boxes:
  • 1 mustard and 1 ketchup
  • 2 mustards
  • 1 ketchup and 1 mustard
  • 2 ketchups
In 3 of the 4 possibilities, you'll wind up with at least 1 mustard. So the chances of picking at least 1 mustard packet are 3 in 4 or, in another phrasing, 3 to 1.

Source: Carter, Fulton & Russell,Mighty Mind Boosters,p.170