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Where's the Fruit Juice?

A catering company sells large containers of iced tea and large containers of fruit juice. Right now the company has six containers, each holding the following amounts:

Container A: 30 quarts
Container B: 32 quarts
Container C: 36 quarts
Container D: 38 quarts
Container E: 40 quarts
Container F: 62 quarts

Five of the containers hold iced tea, and one container holds fruit juice.

Two customers come into the shop. The first customer buys two containers of iced tea. The second customer buys twice as much tea as the first customer. Which container is holding the fruit juice?

A Container E holds the fruit juice. The second customer can buy twice as much as the first customer if the first customer buys Containers A and C (for a total of 66 gallons) and the second customer buys Containers B, D, and F (for a total of 132 gallons). Therefore, the remaining container?E?must hold the fruit juice. STRATEGY: Make a list of possibilities.