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Mystery Box
Q Cindy, Andy, and Mia, were all over at Keith's house when a package was delivered. Each child guessed what was in the box, but only one of them was right. Using their guesses as clues, can you figure out what was in the box?

Cindy said, "It's a laptop computer." Andy said, "I'll bet it's a pizza." Mia said, "I think a picture or a laptop computer is in the box." "It's a picture, for sure," said Keith.

A A pizza was in the box.

Right away, you can tell that Mia can't be right, because if she is, then Keith would also be right (they both said picture), and no more than one child can be right. And since Mia is wrong, then Cindy is wrong, too, because they both said laptop computer. That means that Andy is correct ? it's a pizza.

Source: Lowell House,Brain Games,p.28