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Beach Ball
Q Marina, her sister, her daughter, and her son are playing volley ball on the beach. Marina's sister is directly across the net from her son. Marina's daughter is diagonally across the net from the best player's sibling. The best player and the worst player are on the same side of the net. Who is the worst player?

A The worst player is Marina's sister. Draw a diagram, putting Marina's sister and son directly across the net from each other. It doesn't matter whether they're on the left or the right side of the diagram.

Now, try putting Marina's daughter on the same side as the sister. The daughter will be diagonally across from the son (the best player's sibling), meaning that the best player is the daughter. Since the daughter (the best player) is on the same side as the sister, the sister must be the worst player. Try putting Marina's daughter next to the son. The Marina will be the best player, but the sister will still be the worst.

Source: Sterling,Brain Teasers,p.30