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Zoo Favorites
Q Dan, Jen, Keith, and Mia are having an argument about which animals to visit first at the zoo ? the deer, the lions, the leopards or the giraffes. Each kid wants to see his or her favorite animal first. Dan is allergic to cats, so he doesn't like animals that are in the cat family. Jen's favorite animal doesn't have horns. Keith doesn't care for animals that have spots. Mia disagrees with both Dan and Keith. Which is each kid's favorite animal?

A Dan's favorite animal is the giraffe, Jen's is the leopard, Keith's is the lion, Mia's is the deer. To get the answer, make a chart like this:

  deer lion leopard giraffe
Dan   x x  
Jen x     x
Keith     x x
Mia YES      

  1. Make an X in the boxes that can't be right.
  2. You can see that Mia's favorite animal is the deer, because she disagrees with both Dan (about cats) and Keith (about spots), so put a ( in the deer box in Mia's row.
  3. Now make an X in all the other 3 boxes in Mia's row.
  4. You'll find that Dan's favorite must be the giraffe, because that's the only possible box left in the giraffe column.
  5. Make an X in the deer box in Dan's row, because you know his favorite is the giraffe.
  6. Continue eliminating possibilities in this way until you have one check in each column and one check in each row.