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Washing the Washingtons' Socks

The kids in the Washington family?Allison, Beth, Carl, and Danny ? do their own laundry every week. They found that sorting the socks always took too much time, because it was hard to tell which socks belonged to which kid. They decided that, to save laundry-sorting time, each one of them would always wear the same color socks ? green, blue, red, or yellow.

Use the clues to find out which kid got which color socks.

  1. Allison refused to wear yellow or green socks.
  2. Beth refused to wear green or blue socks.
  3. Carl chose blue.
  4. Danny picked the color that both Beth and Allison refused to wear.

A Allison chose red, Beth chose yellow, Carl chose blue, and Danny chose green.

STRATEGY: Make a chart. Make an X in each box that can't be right. Write YES in each box you know is right ? blue for Carl and green for Danny. Make an X in each of the empty boxes in Carl's row and each of the empty boxes in Danny's row. Now you know that Beth chose yellow, because Beth's box is the only empty one left in the yellow column. Finally, Allison's box is the only empty one in the red column.

Allison x x YES x
Beth x x x YES
Carl x YES x x
Danny YES x x x