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Tom Swifties
Q A Tom Swifty is a sentence ending in an adverb that both tells how or when Tom said something and applies to the meaning of his statement. Here?s an example:
?Don?t sit in the back of the boat,? said Tom sternly.
Sternly describes Tom?s tone of voice. In addition, stern is another word for ?back of the boat.? So sternly is a particularly appropriate word for ending the sentence. Make a Tom Swifty out of each of the following sentences. The first letter of each adverb appears as a hint.
  1. ?Does anyone have a hammer?? asked Tom s_________.
  2. ?I hope you like the gift I brought,? said Tom p__________.
  3. ?This poison ivy is making me itch!? exclaimed Tom r__________.
  4. ?I got first prize,? reported Tom w__________.
  5. ?I wish I had written down the things I need at the store,? said Tom l________.
  1. strikingly
  2. presently
  3. rashly
  4. winningly
  5. listlessly